It used to be that getting your website picked up and indexed by Search Engines like Google was a long, tedious and EXPENSIVE process….with no guarantees of success. That was when optimizing for keywords was the only way to get success. The problem with that was that the Search Engines were constantly changing and updating the formulas they used to rank web pages, called algorithms. One change, could wipe out many hours of work, and thousands of dollars in investment.

Today, Search Engines like Google use advanced techniques to rank sites for proximity to the search as well as matching searcher intent with results. This makes optimizing for local businesses much more local in nature, and Google uses their advanced mapping feature to achieve valuable search results.

Welcome to SEO 2019 style. Otherwise known as Google Maps and Google My Business listings.

Optimizing your Google Maps and your Google My Business listings is no longer a luxury in today’s search environment. Because of Google’s continuing efforts to provide hyper local results to people searching for goods and services, having these listings set up correctly will greatly enhance your company’s online footprint.

With our service, you not only get very high quality photography but also the efforts of a experienced web professional who has worked with Google listings and ads since 2005. We constantly keep up with new procedures and updates to keep listings as highly optimized as possible.

Our service includes:

  • Updating all information like your company name, address and phone number. You’d be surprised at the number of businesses that have wrong info on their listing that can lose business opportunities
  • Updating all links like email and website
  • Updating business hours and days closed
  • Making sure the listing is claimed and is owned by the business itself, not some outside entity
  • High quality, edited photos
  • iGuide 360 degree panorama photos

Google Street View Trusted and iGuide trained

The listing Edge Has earned the Google Street View Trusted badge as well as trained on iGuide 360 photography equipment, which will guarantee that your pictures will be the highest quality available. We put our years of experience in being one of Jacksonville’s most recognized and best Real Estate photography companies to work for your business.


Example iGuide 360 degree panoramic photography

To the right is an example office shoot using our iGuide 360 degree panorama photography equipment. You can also view these pictures on the clients Google Maps page

High Resolution Photograph Examples

Click on each image below to view full resolution size image. You also can view these on clients Google Maps listing